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Terms and conditions

Ste. Koko Holidays V.O.F. has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Middelburg since 1 October 1993 under number NL22035098. We are registered as a VAT payer in the Netherlands under VAT number: NL807347644B01, in Belgium under VAT number: BE0735987696 and in France under VAT (TVA) number: FR750218299.
Ste. Koko Holidays V.O.F. can be reached via, +31(0)113-232301 or by correspondence address: Zwake 6 NL-4451 HH Heinkenzand, The Netherlands
Ste. Koko Holidays V.O.F. is further to be named and published as Koko Holidays

Registrations and reservation

Reservations can be made as follows: by telephone reservation: +31(0)113-232301, by e-mail:, by filling in the reservation form on the website or via one of the travel agents appointed by us. Koko Holidays draws up a reservation agreement and sends it to the applicant by e-mail within 2 working days. The applicant is obliged to provide the correct personal data of all persons who use the accommodation to be rented. The information stated on the reservation agreement is binding. Please check this agreement for inaccuracies upon receipt. Contact Koko Holidays or your booking office immediately if you have not received anything within 2 working days or if the details are incorrect. Bookings and/or reservations made within 2 weeks before the arrival date cannot be changed or changed after approval by Koko Holidays. Revocation due to correction of errors in the calculation of the travel sum or other errors is possible by Koko Holidays. The revocation must take place as soon as possible, but in any case within 48 hours after the day of confirmation, stating the reasons. Young people under 23 traveling alone are not allowed, the main booker of at least this age must be present at all times. Groups or groups are only possible on request.


All prices mentioned in this site are inclusive or already calculated with: rental of accommodation and inventory, use of gas, water and electricity, (unless expressly agreed otherwise) and camping facilities available at that time without allowance. Not included in the price are the personal supplements (if applicable), chosen extras, deposit and the facilities that are charged separately by the campsite to its guests, such as e.g. use of tennis court, etc. The published travel sum is based on prices, levies and taxes as these were known to Koko Holidays at the time of printing and placement of the folder and website. Typesetting and printing errors in the prices reserved, this also applies to incorrect loading of the prices on the website. Reservation requests are therefore always checked before they are confirmed.

We determine our prices annually, these do not change during that year, but it may be that discounts apply, such as an early booking discount, a last minute discount or a specific promotion. Discounts are always a snapshot and based on current availability. Due to the discount, it is possible that not everyone pays the exact same price for the same product. The discounts given are also linked to the (still) available quantities, therefore it is not possible to change or apply this at a later stage.

We do our best to always offer the lowest possible price, but this is subordinate to the actual reservation moment and the package offered. Time-bound discounts, such as an early bird discount, are only valid if the payment conditions are also met. If the obligations are not met, Koko Holidays has the right to cancel the discount in the first instance.

Terms of payment

The deposit for regular reservations is 30% (if applicable, plus handling costs) of the total travel sum with a minimum of € 100.00. The deposit must be paid no later than 7 days after reservation. The remaining payment must be in our possession no later than 8 weeks before the arrival date. Reservations made within 8 weeks before the start date of the rental must be paid immediately and in full. With special discounts or offers, the payment can be calculated immediately and in full, this can be a condition of the relevant promotion. In case of the FLEX package, different payment conditions apply, see further information in these conditions under the heading "FLEX package". If the payment is not received within the stipulated period, Koko Holidays reserves the right to cancel the reservation and the applicant is liable for the cancellation costs. If a payment term is exceeded, € 40.00 administration costs will be charged. In case of negligence of payment, the costs (judicial and extrajudicial) will be chargedof the applicant.

Payments are made exclusively by bank transfer, this is currently the cheapest and safest way for both parties, this means that you will have to carry out the transaction yourself. We indicate on the reservation confirmation for which dates we want the amounts on our account.

The deposit differs per accommodation type and will be € 50.00 or € 100.00, this payment will take place on the spot, so it is only possible to pay it appropriately and in cash to a Koko Holidays employee. You will also receive this cash back on departure unless for whatever reason a handover cannot take place, because the departure does not take place as planned. An administration fee of € 10.00 may be charged for this.


Up to 8 weeks before the arrival date, the applicant can request changes to the reservation agreement, which will be made as much as possible if the availability and the general terms and conditions allow these changes. If the reservation has to be changed in duration, period, location, price or accommodation type, this can be seen as a complete cancellation. In many cases, reservations already made are in line with your existing reservation. We would be happy to look at the possibilities together with you. If a change is possible, the new travel sum plus € 40.00 change costs must be paid in accordance with the payment conditions, after deduction of the payments already received. Changes will generally not be possible within 8 weeks of arrival. For changes involving partial cancellation, the cancellation conditions apply for that part. If a request for change cannot be met by Koko Holidays and the request is maintained, this will be considered a cancellation and the cancellation conditions will apply. If the reservation is changed during the stay, you must pay the change costs directly to one of the Koko Holidays employees. A change must emphatically always take place within the same camping season (year).

Instead of theorem

When booking, the applicant must specify exactly with which people the accommodation will be used, stating their name and date of birth, even the free children under 2 years old do count as a person. Only registered persons are entitled to use the accommodation they have rented and gain access to the campsite. If there is a change in the composition of persons, this must be immediately communicated to Koko Holidays. This prevents people from being refused entry to the campsite you have booked. Changes with regard to persons appearing on the reservation confirmations are considered a change. This change is only possible if the new person(s) meet(s) the reservation conditions and the request is submitted no later than 14 days before arrival. Persons acting as alternates are jointly and severally liable for payment of the amount still due.


There is no statutory cooling-off period for services linked to a fixed date and are binding immediately after booking.

Reservations can only be canceled in writing. Cancellation costs (excluding handling and/or essential costs) amount to 30% of the travel sum if canceled up to 42 days before the day of arrival. In case of cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) to the 28th day before arrival: 60% of the travel sum. In case of cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) to the 7th day before arrival: 90% of the travel sum. In case of cancellation from the 7th day (inclusive) before arrival: 100% of the travel sum. In case of cancellation during the stay: also 100% or the full travel sum.

Cancellations outside office hours are deemed to have been made on the next working day. In case of the FLEX package, different cancellation conditions apply, see further information in these conditions under the heading "FLEX package".

Handling and/or essential costs are always 100% costs in the event of cancellation. When an arrangement has been purchased for a promotional rate or via third parties where it is stated that cancellation is not possible, cancellation costs after the reservation date are 100% of the travel sum.

Arrival and departure

The accommodation you have booked will be at your disposal from 15:00. On the day of departure, you must vacate the accommodation by 10:00 am. (In case of departure earlier than 08:00, costs may be involved. They also proceed differently than normal, e.g. the barrier cannot open earlier. Inquire in advance or on site about the possibilities and costs) If you For this reason, you cannot be present at the accommodation you have booked before 6 pm on the day of arrival, you must immediately contact Koko Holidays. Let us know in time if you want to leave your accommodation latergoing to use. With the travel documents you will always find a telephone number where a Koko Holidays representative can be reached. Days, extras and/or surcharges not used during the reserved period will not be refunded.

The use of the accommodation

Tenants and guests must maintain the accommodation made available with care and use and maintain it according to its intended use. Koko Holidays reserves the right to recover from them damage and/or loss of its properties that have been made available to its tenants. During the entire period, from acceptance to cancellation, the tenant is responsible for the accommodation made available by Koko Holidays. If damage or loss occurs, this must be reported immediately to a representative of Koko Holidays. He or she will ensure that the shortcomings are rectified as soon as possible. The Koko Holidays accommodation has been put together with the utmost care to ensure that guests have the most pleasant stay. The bungalow tents BT and LT, lodge tents SL(+) and LG(+) and mobile homes type CD are equipped for a maximum of 6 people. Since the space in the accommodation is of course always limited, we advise our guests, although 6 people can sleep, to use it with no more than 5 (or 4 adults) people. All extra(s) can only be rented for the total reserved period.

Products and layouts may differ per location and/or accommodation, however, these are all similar (equivalent). This may be that, for example, in the event of damage, the exact same product is not immediately available and/or when the same products are no longer available. We use the kettle as an example; it may be that one accommodation has a larger (faster boiling) kettle than the other accommodation. If the number of amperes on the campsite is not sufficient for the use of a large fast kettle, a less powerful kettle will be placed, if even this is not yet possible, a whistling kettle is available as a similar product for boiling water.

In order to guarantee safety and to limit any damage (to the rented property), a Koko Holidays employee may be forced to stay at the accommodation when absent. This, for example, in the event of an absence of 1 or more days, in the event of an earlier departure or later arrival. This purely out of necessity in the event of leakage, storm damage, fire hazard, etc., for care or handling. If present, this is of course in consultation and a Koko Holidays will not enter the accommodation without reason without being asked. If the accommodation is not used for 1 or more days during the rented period, this must be reported to a Koko Holidays employee, so that this can be taken into account. In case of doubt, Koko Holidays is entitled to check this. In the event of absence, the tenant remains responsible.

The Koko Holidays accommodations are of such a size that they take up most of the space and are placed in accordance with the campsites. The extra placement of an extra (play) tent, party tent, trailer, swimming pool or other object to be placed outside is in most cases not allowed. In many cases there is sufficient space for the car. If you would like to bring something that you would like to set up extra on the site, please contact us so that we can inform you whether and what options are available.

The use of the campsite and surroundings

All users of the Koko Holidays accommodations are regarded as guests of the campsite and must respect the campsite regulations and rules of conduct, which have been drawn up by the campsite owners.

Koko Holidays lists the facilities available at the campsites, we have no influence whatsoever on the provision of facilities as these are not our property. We will of course always try to inform you as well as possible if there is limited use during your stay. Please note that in the early and late season the campsite owners may be forced not to make all facilities fully available. This may be because the weather does not allow it or because there is insufficient occupancy, for example.

Koko Holidays has no influence on the placement or data of the other camping pitches or accommodations outside the Koko Holidays accommodations.

The campsite or a Koko Holidays employee can inform you about excursions or useful places in the (immediate) vicinity.


As a camper you are all guests together in nature, of course we make it as pleasant as possible for everyone to stay on the spot. Yet there are things that influence the stay, which we are not used to at home. These are things that are considered logical for experienced campers, but for the novice camper completelyare new or, for example, have never thought about this.

For example, contact with your neighbors is often more intense, people stand closer to each other and sit outside next to each other without the intervention of forest or fence. It is always nice that you get on well with each other, because it is often impossible to choose them. For example, the tent canvas is also noisy, so it may well be that you hear the neighbor snoring or the neighbor hears you snoring of course. Even though they try to do it as quietly as possible in the evening, you can still hear from each other. One should take this into account more than usual to make everyone's stay as pleasant as possible.

As a guest you stay in the living environment of the animals and plants, you can notice this in all kinds of ways, but this should also be taken into account. You may come across insects in the property, from spiders to ants. They often look for shelter and what could be nicer than a luxurious accommodation. Often the main thing that attracts animals is food or its remains. We therefore always recommend storing food properly and closed, but this also applies to crumbs and your waste. Not only inside, but also outside. The animals are often more afraid of people than the other way around like a mouse, but as soon as there is something to get, they like to come by, so make sure that they are not tempted. Sometimes it seems nice to lure an animal with some food, but they are never alone and it sometimes attracts annoying animals, such as mosquitoes and wasps. In connection with the environment, but also small children, we or the campsites do not fight with poisonous or deadly substances. Plants and trees seem less annoying, but can also leave their marks. For example, it is always possible that due to wind, ripeness or animals, something can fall from the trees from branch to fruit (pinecone, acorn etc.), also certain trees can give up things like resin, pollen, seeds etc. Nice to see, but preferably not on the car or clothing. Therefore, always take into account the placement of your (rented) items, because this is all at your own risk.

The weather also plays a role, not only that people like to have nice weather during their stay, but what you notice in a tent and not at home. For example, it can cool down a bit more at night, since a tent is not really insulating and if it gets warm again, you will notice this quickly enough in the accommodation. With a difference of more than 10ºC condensation will then form, it will be seen that on cold parts (eg plates, glasses, steel tent poles, etc.) droplet formation takes place. It just looks like it leaked. This can be when the sun comes through in the morning, but also e.g. (especially with several people) breathing out when it is a bit cooler.

Camping is being one with nature, social, (re) exciting, but above all very nice and cozy, don't be put off by the above, but prepare yourself for a great holiday. For additional or extensive information you can always request advice by contacting us.


Koko Holidays cannot be held liable for limited use of accommodation, nuisance, damage to luggage, personal property, or unused vacation days if these are not the result of faulty accommodation, external influences (which were not known at the time of booking) or the due to extreme weather conditions. The relevant campsite is responsible and liable for the use of the facilities made available, as Koko Holidays has no influence on purchase, installation and/or maintenance. All other cases which are not reasonably carried out by Koko Holidays itself will be regarded as powerlessness and Koko Holidays cannot be held liable for this.


Only at camping De Schotsman no pets are allowed. On all other campsites, regardless of size, a limited (1 to 2) number of pets are allowed. This is only possible on request and after approval from Koko Holidays when booking. There are costs associated with bringing a pet. In order to also be able to offer pet-free accommodations, a limited number of pets are possible and are classified in specific accommodations. As a result, when canceling the pet, a refund in any form whatsoever is never possible. Pets are often understood to mean dogs and cats, if it concerns a different type of pet, then this must be stated. Pets must be vaccinated, have a passport and be kept on a leash during the stay, for traveling with pets (and/or certain breeds) the rules differ per country. You can obtain information about this at the relevant embassy of the country in The Hague. Please feel free to contact us to see what it would mean specifically.

CleaningThe accommodation is delivered complete and clean. This accommodation must therefore be left clean upon departure (the refrigerator must also be empty and defrosted). There is no possibility to have the accommodation cleaned. Our on-site administrators will carry out stock checks and cleaning.

Electricity, gas and water usage

In the Koko Holidays accommodations you will often only find one socket which is used for the refrigerator and the coffee maker. If you want to connect more electrical equipment, you should take into account that there is only a limited power available at the campsite per pitch. Charging electric vehicles is not allowed. Feel free to contact us if you intend to use multiple or special devices. We would like to advise you on what is and what is not possible.

Gas bottles may not be disconnected or used for other purposes by the guests themselves. Guests are expected to use electricity, gas and water in a sustainable manner.

Electricity, gas and water use is included in the offer according to a fair use policy, excessive use may be charged.


A representative of Koko Holidays is not entitled to make statements regarding liability on the part of Koko Holidays. Koko Holidays reserves the right to cancel the trip in serious circumstances. Complaints must be immediately passed on to a representative of Koko Holidays. Every effort will be made to resolve complaints. If the complaint still persists or if you are dissatisfied with the handling of the Koko Holidays employee, you should contact your booking office or the Koko Holidays head office. On the other hand, a complaint must be reported in writing where you made the booking; your agent, booking agency or Koko Holidays, within 7 days of departure from your accommodation. Obvious errors and mistakes in the Koko Holidays brochure, the Koko Holidays website and/or appendices are not binding.

Participation FLEX choice

The FLEX choice offers more flexible conditions with regard to cancellation and payment.
Participation in the FLEX choice must take place simultaneously with the reservation and only applies to regular bookings. The arrangement applies from the day of reservation until the last day before arrival of the reserved rental period for which the premium has been paid.

Flexible cancellation
With the FLEX choice you can cancel without giving a reason up to 42 days before arrival.
From the 42nd day to the 21st day before arrival, you may voluntarily choose to cancel in the event of a negative travel advice for the destination already in force, even if this can still change. (Do not wait to see what the travel advice actually is on the day of arrival) or in the event of illness, accident or death.
From the 21st to the day before arrival, cancellations may be made in the event of illness, accident or death according to condition.

Flexible payment (Pay less down and pay the remainder later)
The deposit is 10% + the 3% cost of the FLEX choice (instead of 30% + 7.5% cancellation policy)
The remaining payment is 42 days before arrival (instead of 56 days before arrival)

In case of illness, we require a doctor's certificate. The certificate must be received by us no later than 7 days after the cancellation request. The costs for this statement are for the guest himself.
Persons older than 75 years and persons with chronic diseases are not eligible for the FLEX choice.
Pregnancy and its consequences are not considered a disease.
In case of doubt, Koko Holidays reserves the right to organize a further examination by its own doctor.
Medical costs and any material damage caused during the trip are not insured.

The FLEX choice cannot be used in the event of a premature return due to illness, accidents, natural disasters or political unrest on the spot.
If you want to cancel the trip because you have found a more favorable offer on our website, please note that no new trip may be booked within the first 48 hours.


In the event of calamities or in the event of an immediate emergency where the emergency services, the campsite or a Koko Holidays representative cannot act or cannot act on time, you can contact our emergency number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: +31(0)113-232300 ( last number is a “0” instead of our regular number ending in “1”).


For all other questions and/or information you can always contact us by e-mail with the e-mail address: or by telephone with the number +31(0)113-232301. We are happy to answer these during office hours. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding national holidays.

Last revised on October 20, 2020