The best camping holidays for everyone!


Entering into a partnership with Koko Holidays is asking for success!

The following collaborations are possible:

  • Your organization has a camping or holiday park at its disposal, with the option of renting accommodations that Koko Holidays makes available.
  • Your organization is progressive in innovation within accommodations or related products, which can add value to Koko Holidays or its accommodations.
  • Your marketing organization is focused on sales, in the form of affiliate (programs), auctions or (daily) promotions.
  • You are an equivalent organization to Koko Holidays and want to offer or place your offer, location or accommodations through the channels and under the name of Koko Holidays.
  • You are an organization equivalent to Koko Holidays and want to offer or place our offer, location or accommodations through your own channels and under your own name on a commission basis.
  • Advertising in/on your organization's media (channel) by Koko Holidays, both digitally and in/on physical productions.
  • Your organization is/are (a) charity(s) or foundation to which Koko Holidays can sponsor or donate a gift.
  • Another form in which you or your organization are interested in becoming a partner of Koko Holidays or which is interesting for Koko Holidays and its products/services.

For one or more possible collaborations you can contact us via the contact form, email to: or by phone: +31(0)113-232301